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In Nederland is MSN messenger from Microsoft is one of the most widely used instant messengers. This program is free to download and use.

UPDATE: On march 15, 2013, Microsoft will unplug the power cord from this popular instant messaging service, draw. Microsoft advises users to switch to Skype. That video and instant messaging, Microsoft has in 2011 taken over.

MSN Messenger in december 2005 been given a new name. Since then, the program known under the name Windows Live Messenger. Still, the MSN name is still in common use when people have this instant messenger .

MSN Messenger is a freeware instant messaging program. Friends can be added to the contact list and then the user gets to see when these friends are online. Click the name of the contact person to double-click a chat window appears. It is also possible to play with more friends at the same time to chat in a group chat, video calls via the webcam and moving images (widgets).

MSN Messenger has the following features:

  • chat with other MSN Messenger users,
  • possibility of smileys (emoticons) to send,
  • through the microphone jack on the PC to call and be called by other MSN Messenger users,
  • possibility to call regular phone numbers at a low rate,
  • live webcam images to send and receive,
  • support the forwarding of moving images (widgets),
  • support group conversations up to 20 users at the same time,
  • free games to play with other MSN users,
  • buzzer function to attract someone's attention.

MSN Messenger screenshots

screenshot-MSN Messenger-1
screenshot-MSN Messenger-2

You can free download MSN Messenger 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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