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With a afbeeldingsbewerkingsprogramma allows you to use existing images, and adjust photos and new images to create, for example, with a digital paint brush, pencil, or spray can.

On this page we give an overview of the capabilities of the free afbeeldingsbewerkingsprogramma Photo Pos Pro.

Photo Pos Pro is an easy to use photo and afbeeldingsbewerkingsprogramma. You can use this free program to use existing photos to edit, or to improve or new images to create.

Photo Pos Pro can be very many different file formats to open and edit such files using a password protected. Just like Photoshop, it supports this image-editing program, the use of different layers within an image. These layers can each have their own level of transparency to adopt. Furthermore, you can use gradients, patterns and textures to add. There are various tools available to be a part of an image to select and isolate.

The documentation contains an integrated afbeeldingsbrowser that allows you to quickly see all your photos can view and search.

Photo Pos Pro has the following features:

  • photo
  • freeware
  • supports many file types including password protected images
  • support for many scanners and digital cameras
  • extensive tools available to images to improve and adapt
  • tools available for precise improvements and adjustments to
  • add special effects
  • add text, with associated effects such as shapes, fonts, and colors
  • extensive selection tools to make parts of an image to isolate
  • support of layers (layers)
  • support of masks
  • gradients, patterns and textures
  • script tools to make a series of afbeeldingswijzigingen store
  • batches run to multiple images at once to edit
  • file types to convert (for example from BMP to JPG)
  • including afbeeldingsbrowser that allows you easy access to all images stored on your computer can find it
  • ability to have additional functions in the software to add

Photo Pos Pro screenshots

screenshot-Photo Pos Pro-1
screenshot-Photo Pos Pro-2

You can free download Photo Pos Pro and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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