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For those who are not satisfied with the default Windows Paint program, many freeware photo programs available.

Pixia is a popular free program for photos and other images to edit.

Pixia is a freeware photo program that allows you you to edit your pictures and drawings.

Originally, it is a Japanese program but later Pixia also translated into English. At this time, due to the large international success understand only the English version is still actively maintained. The Korean and Chinese versions are still sporadically updated.

The program was first released in 2000 and was originally intended for creators of Manga images. This stripboekachtige style is especially popular in Japan. Since the software is now also widely used in other countries, the focus is not only on this group of users.

By default, Pixia use of the file extension .PXA. With Pixia is also possible to use Photoshop files (.PSD) to edit.

Pixia is a pretty comprehensive program that also allows for layers and masks to use. In addition, you can choose from different brushes, selection tools and brushes.

In addition to the regular version with the user interface as you are used to, there is also a new version with a different interface. This new version is called Phierha. The original user interface does a very dated with a messy layout and ugly buttons. Phierha has more the appearance of a program.

Pixia has the following characteristics:

  • free photo editing,
  • create drawings,
  • ability to work with layers and masks,
  • support for PSD files (the standard Photoshop file format),
  • developed in Japan,
  • translated into several Asian languages and in English,
  • only suitable for Microsoft Windows.

Pixia screenshots


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