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Android aims to provide an accessible control platform based on open standards for mobile devices. Together with the iOS of Apple is this the world's most popular mobile operating system.

Android is an open source and fully customizable mobile platform. The mobile operating system initially developed by Google, the development was later taken over by the Open Handset Alliance. This organization is comprised of telecommunications, software, and hardware firms that open standards for mobile phones want to promote.

In contrast to many other systems makes Android not differentiate between core applications and applications developed by third parties. So, for example, the standard contact manager or photo program completely to be replaced by the third party application. As a result, the functionality of the operating system to fully adapt to the wishes of the user.

Originally, Android is especially designed for mobile phones and tablets, but there are also companies and organizations that the platform you want to use on for example netbooks. So run Chromebooks also on Android. These are cheap netbooks that are used mainly for internet surfing and use of online applications.

In January 2011, Google has a version of Android launched especially for tablets. This Android version is called Honeycomb and has big differences with other versions of this operating system so that it better aligned with the features of a tablet PC. Thus, for example, the screens wider set up and is the e-mail program is adjusted.

Usually Android is used on a smartphone or tablet where this operating system already pre-installed. However, it is also possible to use this system to install on an old HTC smartphone that runs on a mobile operating system of Windows.

Android has the following features:

  • operating system for mobile devices,
  • open source,
  • based on the Linux operating system and the Java programming surface,
  • the Software Development Kit (SDK) allows anyone to develop applications for the Android platform,
  • since the fourth quarter of 2010, Android is world's most popular operating system for mobile phones.

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