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Lately there has been much to do about the default encryption of internet connections. Large parties such as Facebook and Google have chosen to all visitors of their sites over a secure HTTPS connection. The free SSL Enforcer helps you to automatically communicate with other internet services to encrypt.

SSL Enforcer forces your browser and the online services that you visit in order to make use of a SSL/TLS connection. By making use of such a connection, all data is encrypted send. This is it for hackers much more difficult to create your personal internet data to be intercepted. All unsecured connections by SSL Enforcer will automatically be blocked.

After installation embeds the program in the system tray of the operating system. By clicking on the icon you can enable or disable and select whether to automatically all traffic via HTTPS to expire.

At the time that there is also an encrypted HTTPS connection to a website will be SSL Enforcer propose to use that version to visit at the time that you go to the website. At the moment that does not exist, the access to the site blocked and you will receive a notification. To your surfing speed increase you can also the default control for the existence of an HTTPS version off. You will always be redirected to HTTPS, regardless of whether it actually exists or not.

Within the advanced settings, you can select HTTPS ports and add exceptions. The log file gives an insight in all activities of this program.

SSL Enforcer is suitable for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

SSL Enforcer has the following characteristics:

  • automatically all visits to web sites to encrypt,
  • works for all internet services via browsers or plugins to be accessed,
  • leaks no data over insecure connections,
  • automatically switch to secure HTTPS connection when available,
  • themselves to set up rules based on application name, target host and port,
  • does not use a proxy server that will connect fast.

SSL Enforcer screenshots

screenshot-SSL Enforcer-1
screenshot-SSL Enforcer-2

You can free download SSL Enforcer and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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