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Many people make for the download and exchange of files, use of so-called BitTorrent clients. A BitTorrent client allows for the exchange to use .torrent files.

TorrentSpy makes the current status of this .torrent files transparent by, among other things, to specify the number of people there at that time .torrent file sharing.

UPDATE: TorrentSpy is unfortunately no longer actively maintained. The last update had been in 2004.

TorrentSpy is a free open source software intended to help users of BitTorrent programs useful information regarding .torrent-files to show. The most important feature is that the program is the current number of users (seeders and leechers).torrent file viewing. This information is important because .torrent with a lot of users also faster, can be downloaded and the greater the chance is that the .torrent in its entirety can be downloaded.

Another useful feature of TorrentSpy is the possibility of a .torrent that consists of more files to see which files were already downloaded and which have not.

The possibility exists to TorrentSpy to set it as the default application .torrent files to open. This makes it possible to always have the status of a .torrent before you begin downloading.

TorrentSpy is not a substitute but a complement for a BitTorrent client. TorrentSpy does not .torrent download of function, such as Limewire, BitTorrent or BitLord.

TorrentSpy has the following features:

  • display of current number of users of a torrent file,
  • to view which files have completely downloaded when an .torrent multiple files.

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