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There are several free computer programs available to help you security images can make using your computer and a webcam or IP camera. One of those free programs is Vitamin D Video.

Vitamin D Video is a program for Windows and Mac where you use a webcam or network camera can connect. The program is intended for monitoring and control of rooms or office spaces.

The software detects moving people and objects using a webcam or IP cameras that are connected to the network. So you don't need more hours of footage to watch to see if something has happened, but you can within the program directly through to the moments when there is motion in the room was observed. You can choose on the basis of recordings that you create simple to set up which moves the recording should start. In the program, this is the "triggers". So you can, for example, a door to select where the camera focuses. When in the future this door open is going to know Vitamin D Video that it should start recording a video clip.

The possible "triggers" that you can select when an object is located inside or outside an area, when someone through a door enters or to the outside runs and when an object is at a certain level. At the time that such a "trigger" is activated, not only the recording of a video is started, but can also send an email or play a sound. The movies that start by these "triggers" will be permanently stored. The rest of the movie by default after 48 hours are deleted. This time, you can change it.

In the free version of this program is a maximum of one camera supported with a maximum resolution of 320 x 240. The paid versions support more cameras, higher resolutions and also offer the opportunity to another program or script to send at preset times. This makes the application suitable to connect to "home automation systems". Finally, you can with the paid "Basic" and "Pro" editions also automatically upload videos to an FTP site for secure archival.

Vitamin D Video has the following features:

  • software for the recording of security images with webcams and IP-cameras,
  • free for use with up to one camera,
  • set to enable it only on specific days and times,
  • automatically send e-mail upon detection of movement,
  • automatically play sound when motion detection,
  • only film images to look back of the moments that movement is detected,
  • available for Mac OS and Microsoft Windows.

Vitamin D Video screenshots

screenshot-Vitamin D Video-1
screenshot-Vitamin D Video-2

You can free download Vitamin D Video and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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