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An electronic learning environment is a platform website where both students and teachers to communicate with each other to share knowledge, tasks and questions to share.

Moodle is open source software that allows an electronic learning environment (ELO) has been developed and can be maintained. Moodle is a free alternative to the popular leeromgevingsprogramma Blackboard that a lot of Dutch universities and university colleges is used.

The electronic learning environment of Moodle can be used by teachers in any field who want to save, share, and add through an online portal. Each student can then use a web browser to make use of this portal and make contact with teachers and fellow students.

Moodle also includes a wiki, chat and forum functionality. In addition, teachers can issue commands and allow the students carried out assignments upload within your own environment.

For Moodle to be able to install you must have a server room with Apache, MySQL and PHP. This supporting software is in almost all cases pre-installed when you are using a standard package shut down by a hosting provider.

On the site of Moodle, you can also a download package for Windows or Mac OS X with this additional software automatically on your computer it is first installed. So it is possible to quickly and easily Moodle, first try. You can also make use of the Moodle demo site.

Moodle has the following features:

  • teaching materials available,
  • ability to for the lessons relevant websites store
  • photos and film available online,
  • directly from Moodle to contact students or teachers without e-mail addresses to do typing,
  • students can reports or save reports within the learning environment so that they are easy to look up
  • finally create the results on a summary page to view
  • students work together using a forum, wiki or chat,
  • surveys create, to investigate what the students of the lesson.

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