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Enterprise content management (ECM) is the management of unstructured information within an organization. Unstructured information is any information that is not directly as a field in a database to access. For example, Office documents such as Word (.doc), Excel (.xls), Powerpoint (.pps), PDF, XML, e-mails, images, audio clips and videos. But today is also the managing content on social media such as Facebook and YouTube are becoming an increasingly important part.

A popular commercial ECM product is Microsoft Sharepoint, Alfresco is an open source alternative.

Alfresco is an open source enterprise content management system. The company behind this CMS package is started in 2005 and in that year is also the first version released. The organization is financially supported by, among others, SAP Ventures and Mayfield Fund.

The package not only provides solutions to store documents and share within a private secluded surroundings, but also to content on the web to manage. An important part of this are the organization's website and social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

The program is not a ready-made product. The CMS is only suitable for more advanced web developers who are able to self-configure extensions. The project positions itself as a competitor to Microsoft Sharepoint.

Alfresco is on the website is available in three versions, Alfresco Community Edition is the free open source version that you are on a private server space for you to install. Alfresco Enterprise Edition is a commercial product which includes support. In addition, there is also a hosted version where you don't have to install or maintain. This online service is free up to 10 GB of storage, if you need more storage then you will need a subscription that starts at $ 10 per user per month.

The software is kept up with the time and therefore all the content is that the system is shared via both the laptops, tablets, smartphones to reach.

Alfresco ECM has the following features:

  • enterprise content management system,
  • open source license,
  • among other available in the Dutch language,
  • document management,
  • web content management,
  • repository versioning (similar to Subversion),
  • auto-generated Xforms with AJAX support,
  • integrated publiceerfunctie,
  • repository access via CFIS/SMB, FTP, WebDAV and CMIS,
  • jBPM workflow,
  • Lucene search,
  • support of different languages,
  • multi-platform support: Windows, Linux, and Solaris,
  • web-based user interface,
  • integration with MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Docs, Apple iWork, etc.

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