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An intranet gives every employee a working environment that can be used to create a calendar to keep track of, share information, and email to read.

Many organization use the program Microsoft SharePoint. However, there are also free alternatives such as the open source Liferay.

Liferay is an open source package that allows a private enterprise portal can be set up. The program is ideal for the creation of an intranet for the employees within an organization. The work environment is for each user to your own desire. Liferay provides integration of Microsoft Exchange, support for PHP and Ruby, a iCal calendar and WebDAV.

Liferay has the following characteristics:

  • free enterprise portal software,
  • open source,
  • including different elements to the work environment according to your wishes, such as Liferay CMS and Liferay collaboration,
  • position the various elements within the portal easily with drag & drop function,
  • different privileges to users to determine who has access and who things should change,
  • drag and drop folders from your desktop to the web application to automatically upload files,
  • each user gets its own working environment, private or public, can be made with a simple URL,
  • tag web content, documents and discussions within newsgroups to automatically important information to share with other users of the portal,
  • supports more than 22 languages.

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