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Enterprise Resource Planning is also abbreviated to ERP. With ERP software , you can use all resources of the organization such as supplies, people, money and machinery manage and plan. An ERP system provides the basis for the organization, with these systems, namely, among others, the financial, inventory, purchasing, sales, and personeeladmistratie tracked.

Openbravo is a fully-fledged open source and web-based ERP software package.

Openbravo is a fully functional, integrated, open source ERP system that can support your organisation in the creation of more value at a lower cost. Openbravo is web based, once the software is on a server that is installed can the from any computer via a web browser to access and use.

Openbravo ERP is suitable for small to medium-sized organizations seeking an integrated ERP system to the organisation to manage. Openbravo is suitable for daily tasks to manage, optimize business processes, to improve customer satisfaction and ultimately increase profits.

Openbravo can be easily integrated with other business of open source packages including SugarCRM, Magento and Alfresco.

Openbravo ERP has the following characteristics:

  • Openbravo is open source software so that you are not bound to a particular software company,
  • Openbravo is web-based software with any browser, easy and safe to reach is,
  • Openbravo supports all the functionality you can expect from a full-fledged Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system,
  • Openbravo has basic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Business Intelligence (BI) functions,
  • Openbravo is easy to adapt to the specific needs of organisations.

Openbravo ERP screenshots

screenshot-Openbravo ERP-1
screenshot-Openbravo ERP-2

You can free download Openbravo ERP and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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