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A really clear goal, there is actually not. Actually, it is about the same as Temple Run, dodge the obstacles and get as far as possible. Only is this game not in a jungle but in a city that is on the track. You will be chased by the police because you gravaty was to spray. You are trying to get away so you are going to run. Jump over the trains or other obstacles. It seems easy, but it starts very quickly a difficult and nerve wrecking game to be, and that is what makes this game so good!

While playing Subway Serfers, you need all the obstacles to dodge such as: trains, fences, and walls. There are two types of trains (still/moving) and two types of fences (high and low). The trains you need to dodge to the right/left swypen, the low fences you can over springendoor up to swypen, the low fences you can through down to swypen break down, then makes the puppet a somersault.

If you're not able to be an obstacle in time to dodge you and you will be arrested by the police officer with a dog that is constantly behind you to run and you can start all over again. There is only one level in the entire game, as you get more points you have collected, you can several upgrades, still continue to execute.

Collect coins to get more cool gadgets to buy for your player. Buy things like hover boards (so you don't instantly die if you hit something pronounced) or upgrade the power ups (they work longer, if one picks up). You can also use these coins to new players to buy. Thus, there is a fun challenge to the game and ensures that you continue to play!

Subway Surfers screenshots

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