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The smartphone is not only used for surfing the internet, playing games and sending and receiving e-mail. The smartphone is becoming a full-fledged tool for office tasks such as editing text documents and spreadsheets. A disadvantage remains that the telephone, but a small display.

Ubuntu Phone is a new mobile operating system that your phone uses to connect to a monitor and a keyboard.

Ubuntu Phone is a new open-source operating system for smartphones. The software for developers in February 2013. The first phones that default to run on Ubuntu Phone to come out in October 2013.

Ubuntu Phone is not just a program that other mobile operating systems like Android is trying to copy. The innovative concept behind it is that you have a fully working desktop system as soon as you connect your smartphone to a docking station. Using this docking station you can connect your mobile to a computer screen, keyboard, and mouse. You will then work the same as on a desktop computer only allows you to use your smartphone as a computer.

Most people use a laptop in order to perform certain tasks such as editing text documents or the answering of large quantities of e-mail. For other tasks such as the sending of short messages is often a smartphone. This way, your documents and communication history spread over different devices. With Ubuntu Phone does so no more because you are always from one device it works but in the meantime, however, the experience of working on a desktop.

Another focus of this system is the high-speed can switch between different apps. By with your finger from a corner of the window, swipe the screen, all your favorite apps will appear immediately. There is space for 9 several favorite apps that you can set up yourself. By from left to right across the screen to wipe an overview of all the apps that you currently have opened. By a movement from right to left is right the app is opened where you was working. There are a number of movements which you can, faster than with other mobile operating systems, you can switch between all the apps on your smartphone are installed.

The maker of this operating system is mainly known for the razendpopulaire desktop operating system based on Linux. Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution as of this moment. In addition, it is Ubuntu increasingly focus on developing software for other hardware. This is also working on a system for televisions and for Android phones. This last is the system in addition to the existing Android operating system installed so that you both can use.

Ubuntu Phone has the following features:

  • free operating system for smartphones,
  • fully working desktop after connection to a docking station,
  • ability for the system to install on an Android phone,
  • full support for HTML5, but also suitable for native apps,
  • download apps through the Ubuntu Software Centre,
  • very quickly switch between different apps.

Ubuntu Phone screenshots

screenshot-Ubuntu Phone-1
screenshot-Ubuntu Phone-2

You can free download Ubuntu Phone and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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