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Has Symform something to give away? No, because at the recent Cloud Storage solution of the house is a barter transaction. For the supposedly permanently free and worldwide to reach 100 GB in the Cloud, you should as a customer of one of its computer, 150 GB of local disk space to assign. Condition: The machine is permanently online.

Symform operates namely for this Cloud-Storage action no expensive Central Server but uses a technology called RAID-96. Thus, the encrypted data are geographically distributed. Means Receives the service said 100 GByte of data from a customer, they will be in 96 parts disassembled, coded, and to 96 different computers in a distributed world-wide. According to Symform are Up and Download much faster process than from a Central data center. Customers know this effect from P2P networks.

Of course, you could also take the 150-GByte Partition on his Online calculator for remote access set up, in order to travel on their own data they can access. This, however, would be slower, and would itself to encryption and security take care of.

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