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If you have photos or images you want to edit you will soon enough to the default applications that are installed on your computer, such as, for example, Paint on Windows. Fortunately, there are plenty of free alternatives available, of which GIMP is one of the most comprehensive. This is the best alternative for Photoshop that you can download for free.

GIMP is an open source image editor that's been around since 1996 is being developed. You can use this program to install on all popular operating systems including Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, free programs to perform operations on digital photos and other images.

The extensive functionality of GIMP similar to Adobe Photoshop. Thus, the GIMP is also suitable for the more professional photographer. So is the use of multiple layers within an image is supported, and you can use parts of a photo to isolate with the magic wand as you know it from Photoshop.

A few professional verbeteringsfuncties for digital photos that it contains are perspective distortion and corrective mode. Of course, it contains all the features you can expect from software in this category, such as a paint bucket, brushes, brushes, lasso selection tools, eraser, special shapes, kleuroverloop, stamp, red eye correction and so on.

GIMP is easy to install, using it requires a little more effort. When you're skilled in the use of Adobe Photoshop than you will with GIMP also very sure from the feet can. If you have never been with such a professional photo and image editing program have worked then takes a while before you have all the functions under the knee. A big disadvantage of this program if it is used for the production of professional printing is that the standard CMYK color supports. There is a plugin available called Separate+ that RGB colors convert to CMYK and within a TIFF file can store. But this is obviously not the same as a built-in support. People who are employed in the prepress industry, for this reason, often still prefer to use Photoshop.

The past was a disadvantage of GIMP is that the program in different windows opened. This were the tools and the edited image is not always useful within a single screen. From the versions produced in 2012 and later are released, it is also possible to get it all in one window like Photoshop. This feature, you must first use the enable menu. There is also a custom version of GIMP available of which the interface is adapted so that it is more similar to that of Photoshop. That version is free to download under the name GIMPshop. Another program that GIMP is based is CinePaint, which is a program developed specifically for the film industry.

GIMP supports the following file formats:

  • BMP
  • CELL
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • MNG
  • PCX
  • PIX
  • PNG
  • PPM
  • PSD
  • TGA
  • TIFF
  • XPM
  • XWD
  • BZ2 (only save)
  • GZ (only save)
  • ZIP (only save)

GIMP has the following characteristics:

  • open source software to edit images,
  • rotate images, cut, paste, color adjustment,
  • convert files in different formats,
  • working with layers you about the other places,
  • image for the internet,
  • digital photos decorating.

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