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A lot of software for digital photos to edit is needlessly complicated. With Picasa, you can easily reach all of the basic operations, pictures order, pictures play in a slideshow and pictures on the internet. On this page you will find more information about the free download software of Picasa.

Picasa is free photo software provided by Google Inc. Allows you to access your digital editing photos, in a slideshow, processing, re-ordering, and place it on the internet. Picasa is specially designed to digital photos to archive, edit, adapt, and share with others. In addition, it supports Picasa also video files.

Because Picasa is offered by Google, it works seamlessly with the online photo service Picasa Web Albums. With Picasa can photos and videos be uploaded to and downloaded from an online album. You can then choose whether you the online album to share with everyone, with specific people or with no one. To the photos to protect can automatically create a watermark with custom text added to all images.

With the Picasa filmmaker you can use your photos, music and videos in a movie combine, and a Windows Media file. You have full control over how the film will look like. You can sync the music to change, and the time between the slides and the overgangsstijl for the slides. Supported sound formats for the background music are mp3 and .wma.

With text slides, it is possible to give explanations of the shown pictures and videos, create title slides, or divider slides with an explanatory text. When the movie is ready you can share it with others through the film directly to YouTube to upload.

Picasa all photos in a collection, to scan and automatically photos with the same face to recognize and a group of places. Then you can meet all of these photos at the same time a name tag add of the person who is in it. After name tags are added, you can with a click of a button gezichtencollage or all of the photos to find which one or more persons are shown standing together.

You can also select photos that you collage want to create. You have the choice from six different types of collages: frame mosaic, mosaic, picture pile, grid, multi-view and contact sheet. For each of these collages, you can separate the background, shadows, border and layout to customize.

The possibilities are extensive and, in addition, the program is very user-friendly. You only need one file to download and the rest speaks for itself. Used Picasa also suitable for Linux, but Google has the development of this, in 2012 stop. You can use the software only install on Windows and Mac operating systems.

Since the end of 2013, contains Picasa, AutoBackup feature. This are the photos on your computer automatically on your own Google+ account is saved. This is done inside a shielded environment. So unless you choose to have your images to share with others, you'll only have access to it. This has you so on the go and on mobile devices always have access to your photo albums. AutoBackup can also be turned off completely.

Picasa has the following options:

  • rotate images, cut, paste, and adjust color,
  • easily send photos via e-mail,
  • share photos with others by means of a free album on the internet,
  • photos, videos, and music combine and a movie
  • with Face Movie a slideshow of all the photographs of a person,
  • selected photos easy to order for various printing services,
  • photos as a slideshow to view,
  • photos on a CD or DVD burning,
  • more images at the same time to upload or delete
  • choose from 6 different types of collages to your photos in to be processed,
  • geo-tag photos to the place where they were taken to display on Google Maps.

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You can free download Picasa and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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