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Microsoft Office is the international standard for word processing, presentation and spreadsheetapplications. Microsoft Office is extremely costly to purchase and therefore, we give you here a full free alternative that, moreover, the .doc file type supports so that you Microsoft Word files can open, edit and save.

Apache OpenOffice is a full office suite including a word processor, presentation, database and spreadsheet application. Apache OpenOffice is open source software and you can also download it for free.

The advantage of OpenOffice is that it can cope with the normal Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, you can so, files, easily share with people who use Microsoft Office. Furthermore, it contains all the basic and many of the advanced features that you want in an Office package.

Because the software is open source, you can always legally free to use what OpenOffice is also very suitable for business use. You never run the risk of a fine for illegal use of software.

Both the suite as the documentation of Apache OpenOffice are available in the Dutch language. Apache OpenOffice is suitable for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Originally, Apache OpenOffice (then called) developed by Sun, after an acquisition of this company is in hands of Oracle. There was a lot of confusion about what Oracle plans for the future with this open source project. Therefore, at the end of 2010 many developers have moved on and have a new foundation in the life called. This foundation goes on with the development of the productivity office suite under the name LibreOffice.

In June 2011, Oracle announced that OpenOffice is transferred to the Apache Software Foundation. The open source nature of OpenOffice it seems will survive. The future should reveal or LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice can co-exist, or in each other will go up.

In may 2012, is the first version of OpenOffice was released under the banner of the Apache Software Foundation. Now the program will Apache OpenOffice going to be called.

Unfortunately, the Apache Software Foundation no mobile app of this software. Therefore, a group of independent developers AndrOpen Office for Android devices developed. This app is also free to install on Android tablets and smartphones.

Apache OpenOffice has the following characteristics:

  • Writer - word processing and HTML editor
  • Calc - spreadsheet program
  • Draw - tekenmodule for vector graph
  • Impress - create presentations
  • Math - mathematical formula editor
  • Base - Database management

Apache OpenOffice screenshots


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