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For many developers, designers, filmmakers and musicians through the internet, sharing of files a day job. E-mail is for that group doesn't have a convenient way to share files because it is slow and because of all the different parties involved should aim to be. With a service like Cloudup, files are directly shared by them only to the window to drag and the files will automatically be visible to anyone you give access to.

Cloudup is a free service for sharing large quantities of files. It can be used free of charge to a maximum of 1,000 files, up to 200 gigabytes, to share. Each individual file can be up to 200 megabytes in size. If you need even more space than you can a paid account to purchase. This need only at that time to decide, during the sign-up for a free account, you do not need credit card data to enter.

Cloudup is developed by Automattic, this is the same company that is responsible for WordPress, the most used blog system worldwide.

By a file to Cloudup window to drag it automatically to the online storage uploaded. There are all the files available directly via one unique url. When others to this url via the web browser on their laptop, smartphone or tablet, they can see immediately the shared files. You can set it stream automatically via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter to be shared. If you want the files to understand not everyone want to share then it is possible to the stream with a password to protect.

The service includes an integrated viewer and media player for all files. This makes it suitable to photos, videos, music, documents and URL directly to view and/or play. Users need the file first to download it only then using another program to open it. This is especially useful for people who have the files on their smartphone or tablet to watch. Download it and open it in another program is often a lot of hassle.

For uploading and viewing on desktop computers even easier to make, there are there are also free programs for Mac and Windows offered.

Cloudup has the following characteristics:

  • large amounts of files to share over the internet,
  • free account for up to 1000 files and 200 GB,
  • stream files to share publicly or with password protect,
  • uploaded files optionally using Facebook or Twitter to share,
  • share files by this to the Cloudup window,drag and drop
  • files preview and playback on a laptop, smartphone or tablet,
  • suitable for urls, documents, movies, videos, and music.

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You can free download Cloudup 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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