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Even if the Software of modern E-Mail Clients are further turned, experience almost all of the users on a daily basis, the unpleasant Situation of spam in your mailbox. This is not only an irritating phenomenon, but also a danger for the whole System, since E-Mails are not rare viruses and Malwares on the computer land. With the Software BullGuard Spamfilter can systematically against this threat doing, and by the own System to be protected.

BullGuard Spamfilter is a free system program that focuses on the suppression and clean-up of Spam and malicious emails has specialized. The program partners with the major E-Mail Clients such as Thunderbird or Outlook Express, but does not have as an Add-On in the structure of the programme this programmes are to be integrated. When you Get E-Mails monitored the BullGuard spam filter all incoming messages and analyzes them according to fixed rules.

The program comes to the conclusion that it is Spam or a virus or Malware threat, it makes a decision about the further steps. This can be explicitly by the user in the Form of rules, predefined or depending on the assessment of impending danger automatically by the BullGuard Spamfilter to be taken.

To the possibilities of the program to the user, include the immediate Deletion of the relevant emails, the Move to the recycle bin of the E-Mail Clients or the storage in a specific folder structure. After this storage, the user can again check which threats with the BullGuard spam filter properly assessed were to the rules for the automatic handling of Spam even once to Refine it.

The BullGuard Spamfilter is an ideal program for all, the on Thunderbird or Outlook, there are still too many unwanted emails. The program works independently of any Clients and may be due to individual settings to ensure that the user is a spam protection measure.

The BullGuard Spamfilter works on all computers under the operating systems Windows XP and Vista. Further more, through the program, 32 MB of memory taken, a Version of the E-Mail Clients Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook or Outlook Express should also, for the volume to be used.

BullGuard Spamfilter screenshots

screenshot-BullGuard Spamfilter-1

You can free download BullGuard Spamfilter and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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