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For the keep track of to-do lists is a pen and paper is no longer the most convenient option. With the rise of online services and mobile apps is to keep track of to-do lists easier than ever. Because the to-do lists are automatically synchronized between your various devices whenever and wherever you have access to the same data.

One of the best free services in this category is Wunderlist, a to-do list service that in 2015, Microsoft acquired.

Wunderlist is a free service to-do lists to manage. This can be done via the website, the mobile app and the desktop agent. The stored and edited tasks between the different channels are synchronized.

This service is intended for all types of lists, from grocery lists to business projects. The basic version of the program is free, it has a few limitations compared to the paid Pro version. So may the added files up to 5 megabytes large, there should be a maximum of 25 tasks on a persons be assigned, and a task can have a maximum of 25 subtasks can be subdivided. The paid version has no limits for these components.

You can for each task a deadline and set reminders. These reminders can be sent via e-mail, in-app notifications and push messages. Tasks can be delegated by them with other users to share and assign to any other person.

Wunderlist is for almost every device available. There are not only mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. There are also desktop applications for Mac and Windows, a browser plugin for Chrome and an app for Apple Watch. In addition, the to-do lists always have to manage on the web site to log in.

Wunderlist has the following characteristics:

  • free to-do list app and software,
  • main tasks into subtasks divide,
  • related files to-do list, upload,
  • set reminders,
  • deadlines for tasks to enter,
  • related tasks in a folder, categorizing,
  • assign tasks to other users,
  • notes on tasks, places,
  • to-do lists with a press of a button to print,
  • desktop applications for Mac and Windows,
  • mobile apps for Windows Phone, Android and iOS,
  • browser plugin for Google Chrome,
  • to-do lists to manage by the site to log in.

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You can free download Wanderlist 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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