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GoPro, leader in action cameras, have finally come to the conclusion that the recording of videos is not enough. How often does it for that users wonderful videos have recorded, but then nothing does because the edit of the raw material difficult. GoPro launches therefore Studio 2.0.

In previous versions of Cineform Studio, GoPro is issued, it was possible to do limited video editing, but this was actually a filter on a shot clip. Also it was ideal to fish eye the remove or time lapse series to organize. The real cut-and-paste work was, however, not in.

In the new version of GoPro Studio 2.0 continue the strong features retained including special filters, retain as Cineform and GoPro are accustomed to. The real big change, however, has the added ability to clips to cut and paste, and here is a real compilation. GoPro has a number of standard templates based on the GoPro commercials.

GoPro Studio screenshots

screenshot-GoPro Studio-1
screenshot-GoPro Studio-2

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