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In addition to cellular connectivity, there are also more and more Wi-Fi Hotspots for fleets to access care. With WiFi HotSpot Creator can any compatible computer for personal Wi-Fi access point to which other devices connect.

From the technically well-equipped visit to the Smartphone without power: There are many situations where it can be very useful, quickly and easily a Wi-Fi Hotspot to set up over the other devices on the broadband port of the computer to access. In addition, so no private credentials will be issued if a visitor has access to their own Internet wants to take.

WiFi HotSpot Creator brings all the necessary Features to your own computer without a lot of effort into a Wi-Fi Hotspot to turn. All the functions are clearly in a small window space. After the Start first can be the Name of the network to be chosen. Then, create a password and the maximum number of nodes. Clicking on Start is the Wi-Fi Hotspot then released.

To WiFi HotSpot Creator to be able to use the computer on which the Software is installed, of course, on a corresponding network card. Otherwise, the program can run on all Windows machines, on which at least the Version of XP running. Also Windows 8.X-machines can WiFi HotSpot Creator Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Sometimes it can be very handy, the own power supply for other devices to share. With WiFi HotSpot Creator you can enter your own computer quickly and easily into a secure Wi-Fi Hotspot will be transformed - to have the right Hardware of course.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator screenshots

screenshot-Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator-1

You can free download Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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