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Since the NSA scandal in America, it is clear that public administrations massively large infringe on the privacy of citizens. Fortunately, there are numerous computer programs that you allow to largely to remain anonymous.

Tails is an operating system that is fully on the protection of privacy is addressed, and for that reason used by activists and journalists.

Tails is an operating system that is aimed at your privacy is fully protected. This makes you completely anonymous on every computer to work to be anonymous and to connect to the internet.

Tails is an acronym for The Amnesiac Incognito Live System from a USB stick or DVD to be started. It shows so on the computer itself no trace behind. This also makes for public administrations is virtually impossible to get your behaviors to follow. Not even by forensic investigation afterwards.

This operating system is much in the news then when it turned out that Edward Snowden used to anonymously with journalists to communicate.

By default, you make use of the Tor privacynetwerk when Tail starts. Tor uses a network of servers that are connected to the identity of the internet user is hidden. Because the connection is via various links to expire is the third party and the site visited is very difficult to get your IP address to find out.

It is not known who the developers of Tails are. Also this team is unnamed. It is known that the NSA (American security service) very much in their stomach with this program. It might even be that people on the internet search to be registered.

By default, the Tails operating system, the necessary productivity programs such as office productivity, OpenOffice, image editing software Gimp and the audio program Audacity. Of course, you are still not anonymous when you with Tails online services to you as a person reduce, such as a personal e-mail address or Facebook account.

Tails is an excellent program for people who would like a ready-privacypakket to use, because of this for their work is necessary, such as journalists or activists.

Tails has the following options:

  • free operating system that helps you to remain anonymous,
  • can be booted from DVD or USB-stick,
  • leave no trace behind on the used computer,
  • standard uses the Tor network for internet connections,
  • contains a number of essential programs such as office productivity and a messenger.

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You can free download Tails and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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