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WikiLeaks is a whistle-blowers platform founded in december 2006. On this site, citizens can anonymously upload documents to wrongdoing within governments and organizations to reveal. This site is the many years of been in the news due to sensitive information mainly about the American government to the outside is established.

For people who own a whistleblowers site want to start is a special software developed. One of the best open source programs in this category is GlobaLeaks.

GlobaLeaks is an open source whistleblowers platform developed by the Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights. This is an Italian foundation that consciousness creates with regard to transparency and reliability.

The software GlobaLeaks makes it possible for everyone to have a whistleblowers platform online. It is not necessary to have extensive technical knowledge. Journalists can confidentially communicate with anonymous sources. The leaked evidence can be backed up by various documents and other data.

GlobaLeaks uses Tor network to the anonymity of the sources to guarantee.

WikiLeaks only being used to great abuses that affect a lot of people reveal can GlobaLeaks be used for all purposes. Therefore, it is also widely used by journalists who are carrying out research on a very specific area, or focus only on local news.

GlobaLeaks has the following characteristics:

  • free private whistleblowers site set up,
  • open source license,
  • whistleblowers can be anonymous data upload,
  • journalists can with whistle-blowers-protected communicate,
  • based on a decentralised distribution system,
  • makes use of Tor for anonymity to be guaranteed,
  • free download via Github.

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