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Speedrunning is a fascinating Zocker-discipline that only few have mastered and many like to watch. This circumstance makes from year to year, the action is "Awesome Games Done Quick" to take advantage, to raise money for a good purpose, to generate. In doing so, the best Speedrunner in the world to make in a Marathon of over 150 games as quickly as possible durchzuzocken. Also the year of 2016, the high-speed players with their popular action that heralded and a whopping 156 runs off with.

Fans had the possibility, the so-called Runs in the Live Stream to follow and your enthusiasm through donations to give expression to. Just under 24,000 spectators made use of this Option and brought back $ 1.2 million on donations. Although the 350.000 US-dollars less than last year, although the sum has to be seen. On average viewers according to official statistics, 39,68 US Dollar made loose. The highest donation fraud after 18.255 US dollars. The money will cancer research project.

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