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The Software from Pixar, Renderman is now free for non-commercial purposes. Benefit of educational and research institutions as well as private persons. Limitations it is not intended to give. In the early summer of last year, Pixar announced its Software Renderman for non-commercial purposes free of charge. Months after the originally planned release date of the Disney owned companies the Software is now released.

In comparison to the paid Version, the free version has no technical limitations, such as watermarks, or the Like. The only condition for use is the only non-commercial use. According to Pixar, this applies to everything that does not directly generate profit.

This includes such private projects, the use in educational or research purposes, as well as an Evaluation of the Software, to check whether the Renderman later for a commercial product could be used. The Generate indirect profits about using advertising in video sharing sites is also explicitly allowed. Pixar is also in favour of the creation of commercial tools and plug-ins for Renderman using the free Version.

To download the free Version to make use of a forum Account is necessary and Pixar allows for Installation on up to five different devices. For more Details about the licensing, the company provides in its FAQ. The application is available for 64-Bit systems on Windows 7 and 8, Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8 and 10.7, and Linux ready to Download. Officially supported Pixar currently only RHEL 6 and its free derivatives with an RPM-package. RHEL 7 is designed to follow.

Can be used Renderman is currently with the Katana from The Foundry, Autodesk Maya and Renderman Pro Server. The latter, however, provides only tooling for the command line and no GUI.

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