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Especially on the internet, they are very popular: the animated videos, in which someone is itself a funny or serious scene created with 3-dimensional cartoon characters. You can of course make it yourself using professional expensive software, but there is also freeware available that allows you to a very good result.

Muvizu is a free program that allows you to 3-dimensional movies with talking and moving cartoon figures can make.

Muvizu is a free Windows program that allows you to 3-dimensional animations. For the making of a movie, you first select a background, such as, for example, a cowboy landscape or a cafe.

Then you insert a character for this background you can compose and dress up. So that you can face, hairstyle, clothing, headgear etc. select. The text that the person in the video must speak, take itself on. Muvizu may then automatically the movement of the mouth sync with what you expressed so talking very natural to the eye. Furthermore, you are free where you the different cameras in the environment and how the animated characters move. You can even set the position and the blinking of the eyes all the way to the set. Finally, the luchteffecten set or, for example, radiant warmer weather or at night.

It is amazing how extensive Muvizu is, especially for a free program. Yet, there is a adddertje under the free. The downloading and use of the software is completely free, but for a movie without a watermark, and to store an amount per minute of recorded video pay. Still, this is but a small amount in relation to the professional video you sure will get back.

Muvizu has the following characteristics:

  • films with 3-dimensional animated characters make,
  • choice from a variety of backgrounds, where the movie will play,
  • very easy to use in comparison with other 3D animation software,
  • automatically synchronize lip movements and recorded text,
  • position of the head, blink of eyes, location of camera, etc. all adjustable,
  • only suitable for Windows computers.

Muvizu screenshots


You can free download Muvizu and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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