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Originally developed by the Internet giant Google developed and supervised, the comprehensive 3D-Modeller SketchUp now in the hands of the Navigationsspezialisten Trimble. Under the name of SketchUp Make is a free Version of the Software available. Even though it's not as extensive as the paid Pro Version offers, but also has a decent Arsenal of Features to Create, edit and Publish 3D models.

Drawing program for three-dimensional objects with textures. According to the developer, and many Tests brings SketchUp Make is an for CAD programs are easy to grasp and intuitive user Interface, making the Tool even for lay people and Hobbybastler is suitable. Some functions also for Non-professionals easy-to-use, include a variety of optics-templates (for example, pencil sketches-look), shade studies, OpenGL 3D graphics, Ruby scriptability and the ability to upload your own images in 3D projects.

The images can, for example, as a virtual poster on the Wall of a 3D-modeled building to be pinned. Another Central and the developer even patented Feature is the simple held extrusion function. Simply Highlight two-dimensional surfaces, you can do this by Clicking and Dragging in any amount of 3D objects transform. It is with SketchUp so about possible, the hand-drawn floor plan of an architectural project to digitize and into the program to import. By corresponding markings, and the extrusion function in the 3D house in the truest sense of the word "hoisting". Pro Version and extensions.

For users, the more functions or need to use SketchUp commercially want to use, is a highly advanced Pro license of the program available. This supports in addition to those of the free Make Version, among other things, also 3D and 2D file formats such as 3DS, DWG, DXF, PDF, PNG, and EPX. In addition, SketchUp Pro, also the two house extensions, LayOut and Style Builder. The former extends the program for presentation and printing, the latter allows to Define individual lines and Optikstilen (this is about the above-mentioned pencil-sketches-Look possible).

In addition to this, SketchUp a built-in Browser with a large collection of Plug-ins and extensions to search, the third-party vendors and other users that were created. Here you will find large and small, free and paid tools that by industry and application filter and the functionality of the program continue to increase. What User Generated Content is concerned, there are for SketchUp also has a more extensive Online library of 3D models share, and the other users to view and download. This so-called 3D Warehose originally belonged to Google and is according to many sources the Internet-far largest collection of 3D objects.

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