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It is very handy when browsing the web alerted to dangerous web pages before you visit them. So you can avoid becoming a victim of phishing or malware.

There are many free website reputation toolbars available that alert you whether a link is safe to click or not. Ad-Aware Security Toolbar is one of them.

Ad-Aware Security Toolbar is a free toolbar offered by Lavasoft. The toolbar is suitable for Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows computers.

This toolbar helps to protect you while surfing the internet. Every web page you visit is real-time checked against a current list of known malware and phishing sites. When you click a link to a potentially dangerous website, click on the internet or through a link in your e-mail will Ad-Aware Security Toolbar you can directly to warn.

Secure sites are marked with a green tick and in the case of hazardous sites, a red cross is displayed.

This program also removes unwanted toolbars from your browser. During the install of software sometimes browser toolbars installed that are not much added value. This you can now easily remove it with the help of this security software.

The search function in the toolbar makes use of the Blekko search engine. This search engine aims to be a spam-free search results to show.

Ad-Aware Security Toolbar has the following features:

Ad-Aware Security Toolbar screenshots

screenshot-Ad-Aware Security Toolbar-1
screenshot-Ad-Aware Security Toolbar-2

You can free download Ad-Aware Security Toolbar and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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