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To be on the internet to be able to surf the internet you need a browser. The most used browsers worldwide, at this moment, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Firefox is another free browser that is completely to your own desire to customize with the help of easy to install add-ons. That makes this browser very popular.

After Google Chrome and Internet Explorer close Firefox, the top 3 of most popular free browser of this time. For many years it was Firefox is the best alternative to Internet Explorer, but with the advent of Google Chrome are the features of this browser less unique.

Firefox is developed by Mozilla Foundation. This organization is also responsible for the mobile operating system Firefox OS and the Thunderbird e-mail client.

Since Firefox is an open source browser is you have access to the source code and it is possible for everyone to make improvements for the program. What has contributed greatly to the popularity of Firefox is the availability of a very large amount of plugins. Everyone is free to have an extra functionality for the browser to develop for free via the developer's site. These plugins by Mozilla "add-ons". Examples of the three most popular add-ons are ad blocker, a built-in online content, and a plugin that lets you the CSS and HTML of a website can check.

The Firefox browser is always automatically updated to the latest version without you here suffer from. There only appears a small notification in the bottom right of the screen in which this is communicated.

The software is available in many different languages including Dutch.

The Firefox browser is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Also is there a mobile browser app for Android devices. iPhone users can get the free app Firefox Home to install your open tabs and bookmarks to sync between the iPhone and the Firefox browser on the PC or the Mac.

From december 2014 the creators of this open source software is a videobelfunctie in the web browser integrated. This service, called Hello, is to use no additional plugins to install, and it is not even necessary to create an account. You can use other Firefox users by e-mail invite for a video call to start.

Firefox has the following options:

  • Navigation through tabs
    you can have multiple websites within one browser window , these are each under a separate "tab" so that you can quickly between web pages can switch.
  • Pop-up blocking
    that annoying pop-up windows are blocked automatically. You can choose the websites to a white list to add that desired pop-ups of relevant websites will be displayed.
  • Firefox Extensions
    there are many possibilities for expansion that the functionality of Firefox to increase; for example, a useful extension like Gmail Checker, that the Gmail account in the holes. Or what do you think of Google Preview that are small screenshots of websites in addition to the Google results display?
  • Hello videobelfunctie
    without an account to create other users of Firefox invite for a video call via e-mail. No additional plugins required.
  • Hello chat
    Since 2015 is in the standard browser integrated.
  • Search words
    quickly to texts or words on a web page searching with the search bar that can be quickly called up with the keys Ctrl+F.
  • Sidebar
    in the Firefox sidebar allows you all sorts of information, downloads, history, bookmarks, and so on.
  • Integrated PDF reader
    you do not have Adobe Reader more need to online PDF's to open. You can use this from now on directly in the window of your browser.
  • Choice of different looks
    Firefox is up to personal needs with the help of easy-to-install free themes, which change the appearance. like the colors and icons of the browser change.
  • Quick search
    by, for example, "goto keyword" in the Firefox address bar to type you end up directly at the first search result for this term in Google.
    You can also use the drop-down menu in the search bar to quickly on words in Twitter messages search.
  • Search suggestions
    when typing a keyword into the search bar gives Firefox all suggestions.
  • Hundreds of search engines using integrated search bar
    set your favourite search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, IMDB, etc. under "manage search Engines".
  • RSS support
    RSS feeds as bookmarks on the browser can be added. Thus, you can easily directly from the browser your RSS feeds to track.
  • Do not track
    function that the advertisers makes it impossible to track your surfing behavior
  • Automatic updates
    Firefox updates will be automatically downloaded and installed, so that you are always safe on the internet with the latest security updates.

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You can free download Firefox and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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