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The internet and the fast internet connections that almost everyone in your home has-in combination with the right software it easy to share large files.

In some cases, do you want to have some control over who you share files and not for the eyes of everyone online. Then, you could consider to AirDC++ should try it. This is a free P2P client which specific folders with specific gebruikersgroeppen to be shared.

AirDC++ is a modern program to transfer files among themselves via the internet to share. You can sign up for user groups. You can then use those users to chat, share files and search for files and download. The source code of this program is open source, thus available to everyone and possibly to adjust.

AirDC++ is a good choice when you want to share files with a specific group of people. For example, people with the same interests worldwide, or people who you know well from your family, friends or circle of acquaintances.

Also for quickly sharing files on a local network, this software is ideal. The included chat functionality makes the program more interactive and more social than most other downloaders.

AirDC++ can run only on Windows operating systems to be installed.

AirDC++ has the following features:

  • free P2P client to share files,
  • simple setup guide for beginners,
  • different folders with different user groups sharing,
  • multiple connections with users at the same time open,
  • real-time monitoring of changes in shared files,
  • full support of IPv6,
  • files in queue are grouped by folder,
  • bandwidth settings,
  • search entry that is automatically downloaded when available.

AirDC++ screenshots


You can free download AirDC++ 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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