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With the help of Appupdater can savvy end-users and responsible administrators, the continuously necessary process of Installation of program updates to both accelerate as well as simplify. Appupdater is under the free GPL license (GNU General Public License) is distributed.

The last versions of the application Appupdater date back to the 11. May or from 01. June of the year 2010 and carry the version numbers 1.4 and 1.4.1. Both versions had above all, a number of minor bug fixes and optimized in addition, the Performance and stability of the application.

Appupdater is a package management Software solution that allows users to Software on one or more Computer systems to manage. Under management is in the process of both installing, upgrading and Uninstalling to understand. Appupdater is aimed at advanced end-users and System administrators and provides the following Features

Fully automatic program Updates on a daily Basis, as well as the support of proxies, package installations and Computerprofilen in the business environment. With the help of Appupdater can even be a private repository to the Software management and versioning of the managed Software objects to be created. Each Repositiorium is based on the XML Standard.

The Installation of Appupdater is through the automatic detection of already in advance installed applications, facilitates and provides the Appupdater users the ability to program a complete re-install, upgrade, or completely remove it.

Because the application completely to the individual requirements can be adapted, in particular for networks and computers within corporate networks are very well suited. Due to the complexity of the program requires Appupdater however, experienced users, for example, are able experienced with a console input handle.

Since Appupdater not been compiled, but as the source code in the interpreted programming languages PHP and Python, it can be the application independent of the operating system used. It is capable of running on all major operating systems, from Windows over Mac OS X and Linux and many other UNIX operating systems. The user interface is based either on command line input, Qt, or Tk. Appupdater can also be used offline or in the Form of a portable Installation on a USB device.

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You can free download Appupdater 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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