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Bitcoin is gryptogeld that exists since 2008. It is a form of virtual currency that is based on a complex algorithm. By the processing power of your computer to turn this algorithm to charge the you are rewarded with Bitcoins. This process is "Bitcoin mining". In order to really generating a revenue with the creation of Bitcoins has a lot of computing power is needed and also a lot of happiness because many people are working on this already. Therefore, there are so-called "mining pools" set up in which the Bitcoins equally among all the users be divided when one of the participants a Bitcoin has earned.

With BitMinter, you put the processing power of your PC or specialized hardware for the mining of Bitcoins and makes you automatically part of a mining pool.

BitMinter is a free Bitcoin tool written in Java. The program is suitable to run on both Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. After installation of this program bear the manufacturers make for the mining of Bitcoins and collect transactiebijdragen.

BitMinter is especially suitable for inexperienced Bitcoin miners who process want to learn how to understand by yourself to make use of them. Although BitMinter is suitable to on a regular PC to install you will soon find that it pays to have special hardware to buy, which allows you more computing power can use. All users of the software will be rewarded on the basis of the amount of computing power that they make available. Thus, the people who most contribute to the calculation of the algorithm and confirm transactions between other users also the most rewarded.

Users are automatically also part of the network that transactions between Bitcoin users. To determine which user a Bitcoin possession, and that a user a Bitcoin twice, you can publish all trades a number of times controlled by the system of other users. When someone Bitcoins sent to another user will usually a small transaction fee to pay. Because Bitcoin works on a peer-to-peer principle, there is no central server that makes this all possible, but is this verification done by other computers that are connected to the network. The transaction fee is given to the user that the check transaction, and therefore possible. Via BitMinter are all of these fees collected, and fair between all users divided. Every hour, the Bitcoins in the wallets of the users credited.

The software of BitMinter is completely free, the makers a fee of 1% on the earned Bitcoins. In addition, a voluntary donation is possible. When you are a novice Bitcoin user, and are a fun way to learn how the mining of Bitcoins works and what you need, then we recommend you to BitMinter to install. The software is easy to install, has a very clear graphical user interface (in contrast to many other Bitcoin software), and makes it trivially easy to participate in a mining pool to take part. Advanced users will over time migrate to more specialist alternatives for which no additional fee have to be paid.

BitMinter has the following characteristics:

  • free tool for the mining of Bitcoins,
  • as a user, you can connect automatically to a mining pool,
  • fee of 1% on the earned Bitcoins goes to the developers,
  • available for operating systems of Linux, Mac and Windows.

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You can free download BitMinter and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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