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With a content management system is a website easy to set up and maintain.

For a content management system, have actually not much to be paid, there are dozens of good free CMS alternatives of which WordPress is the most popular. Another very nice CMS program is Bolt.

Bolt CMS is an open source content management system.

Unlike some other "free" CMS systems ask the developers of Bolt have no money for additional features. The entire system is free to use, including all the advanced features.

Standard make Bolt CMS to use responsive design. This means that the layout of the page automatically to the device adapts. So the site is always to read well or the well on a smartphone, tablet or laptop is opened.

The beheerderskant of the system is made for authors and not for programmers. This means that it is very intuitive. The administrator can authors of certain content types to assign that they are allowed to edit. This is also very suitable for sites with a large editorial work. So are also all the changes made by the different editors are made in a log. So can at a later time to be determined who is responsible for a specific piece of text.

The uploading of content that a text supports, such as downloads or images, is trivially easy. The image size is automatically adjusted so that it is within the layout to fit.

Bolt CMS has the following features:

  • open souce content management system,
  • standard uses of responsive design,
  • is developed by the open source community,
  • easy to set up and expand,
  • user rights authors with extensive structure to organize,
  • own create templates (using Twig),
  • written in the PHP programming language,
  • including integrated search,
  • management environment is translated into ten languages, including English,
  • completely free for both personal and business websites,
  • there is no money asked for premium features.

Bolt CMS screenshots

screenshot-Bolt CMS-1
screenshot-Bolt CMS-2

You can free download Bolt CMS 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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