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Start you computer slow and unstable? That is easy to fix with a special computer program. This allows the computer to clean up the remains of programs to remove the PC unnecessary slow.

The most popular free solution in this category is CCleaner. Also Baidu, the Chinese competitor of Google, has a free cleaners released with the name PC Faster.

Baidu PC Faster is a free cleanup program for Windows. This is offered free by Baidu. This is the most popular Chinese search engine, and therefore a competitor of Google.

The makers claim that your Windows system on 300 points checked and optimized. In addition, unnecessary files deleted from the computer. Other areas where will be looking at are new tools that automatically on system startup, programs that are bundled together with other software and removing dataresten of installed browsers.

Baidu delivers with this cleaner is also a app store. From this app store you can download apps through the security come. This app store is likely to be the revenue model for the creators. But you are free to use here or not. All in all, Baidu PC Faster is a good tool for people who are annoyed by their slow Windows computer.

Baidu PC Faster has the following characteristics:

  • free computer clean up,
  • offered by Chinese search engine Baidu,
  • unnecessary files to delete and browsers, and startup programs to clean them up.
  • comes with alternative app store with safe apps,
  • only suitable for Windows computers.

Baidu PC Faster screenshots

screenshot-Baidu PC Faster-1
screenshot-Baidu PC Faster-2

You can free download Baidu PC Faster and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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