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For the find of texts, articles and documents on the internet, we use, in most cases, Google. On the computer itself, we have to often manually open folders and browse to a document or other file to find. Fortunately, there are a number of search solutions for locally stored text documents. One of them is DocFetcher.

DocFetcher is a free desktop search tool for both Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. It calls itself the Google for locally stored files (this are the files on the hard disk of the computer itself).

Unlike many other local search engines allow you to search on the name of a file or other file attributes is the with DocFetcher possible to search for text fragments in a document. Just as you so with Google searches on a text anywhere on a web page prevents search with DocFetcher on a clip somewhere in a stored text file. The program does so literally all the stored documents searchable.

Because the searching of all text documents is quite an intensive process is a must to do this, first an index to be created. This is, as it were, a scan of the hard disk or a part thereof is stored. On the basis of that index, then the search is performed. You can select which folders you want indexed. So it does not need the entire disk.

This program is open source so completely free. In addition, there are no advertising banners displayed, and there will also be no notifications to get you to upgrade to a paid version. Another great advantage is that the program is portable. This means that you anywhere on a USB stick to take with you. The software will run directly from the flash drive without installation on the computer.

DocFetcher supports the searching of the following file formats:

DocFetcher has the following characteristics:

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