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An image program is used to create a hard drive clone. This is all the data on a hard disk copied to another disk. This allows the data at a later time be restored or copied to another PC.

Clonezilla is an open source program that allows an image of a hard disk can be made.

Clonezilla is an open source program that allows an image of a hard drive. An image is a copy of all data on the hard drive. This can at a later moment in time, all information on a hard disk to be restored.

Clonezilla is available in two versions, Clonezilla Server and Clonezilla Live. With the server edition, it is possible to use a network to more than 40 computers at the same time to clone. Clonezilla Live is suitable for backup and restore of one computer. The Live edition have, moreover, not first installed on the computer, but can directly from a USB stick or other external storage medium to be started.

Clonezilla has the following characteristics:

  • open source program for free a image of a hard drive,
  • free alternative to Norton Ghost and Symantec Ghost Corporate Edition,
  • available in two editions, Clonezilla SE (Server Edition) and Clonezilla Live,
  • suitable for MS Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

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