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E-mail you a lot and miss you have a certain degree of control over your sent emails? Such as, for example, destroying an already sent e-mail or attachment or tracking of the times in which a sent mail is read? Then Criptext is an interesting free browser plugin for you..

Criptext is a browser plugin that you many more security and control over your e-mail traffic through Gmail. As you know when an e-mail from you is read, or when an attachment is downloaded.

You can also set how long an e-mail message is active may remain. It is possible to get the message after a number of days or a number of hours automatically. At that time, the message is automatically destroyed. This is what you can always do that manually through the red "recall" button when a sent message click on it.

When the box is secured send in Gmail check will Criptext translate the message into an image, which is visible only at the time that the recipient open the e-mail. The text can therefore not by automatic bots to be read.

When you use the attachments, in a secure mode sends you can choose to download or print it to block. Also, attachments with the help of a password shielded.

At this time, the browser plugin is only suitable for Google Chrome, and Safari. Support for other browsers and tools such as Mac Mail, Thunderbird and are still in development.

Criptext offers a number of very interesting features, some of which are actually a standard part of Gmail should be. When you more control over your e-mail, even after a message has already been sent, then you certainly Criptext install and test.

Criptext has the following characteristics:

  • free e-mail protection and control plugin,
  • currently only works with Gmail,
  • browser plugin suitable for Chrome and Safari,
  • option to have attachments with password-protect,
  • sent e-mail after a set time automatically destroy,
  • gives notification when your sent email is read.

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You can free download Criptext and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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