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The NSA scandal has become known that the American security service on a large scale, the online traffic of internet users worldwide aftapt.

As a reaction to this there are new services that listen in precisely more difficult, and thus help to protect your privacy. An example of this is the free chat client of BitTorrent Chat.

UPDATE: On July 31, 2014, it was announced that the official name of BitTorrent Chat " Bleep" will be. Under this name is in the alpha stage for Windows users to download. Later come to the other platforms.

BitTorrent Chat is a free chat client that is offered by the creators of the first BitTorrent client.

This software is developed as a reaction to the huge NSA scandal. In June 2013 leaked Edward Snowden information about large-scale espionage to the activities of internet users worldwide. Via large companies such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft are messages that are sent and files that are stored online directly monitored by the American security service. This happened also without concrete suspicions. A lot of people are this shaken up about the consequences, which are all stored online information can have for the privacy.

BitTorrent Chat apart from other chat clients through information is encrypted to send, and not in the cloud to save. This is for American and other government departments, more difficult is made for personal data to be intercepted. The messages are, moreover, via a peer-to-peer network and not via a central server sent. This way the decentralised exchange of information is the BitTorrent protocol used.

The service is free and unlimited to use, and is currently only available for users that are admitted to the alpha test phase. It is not yet known whether or not the client also as an app for mobile devices will be offered.

BitTorrent Chat has the following features:

  • free chat client,
  • messages are sent through peer-to-peer network,
  • data is not stored on a central server,
  • messages are encrypted,
  • provides protection against eavesdropping by government agencies.

BitTorrent Chat screenshots

screenshot-BitTorrent Chat-1
screenshot-BitTorrent Chat-2

You can free download BitTorrent Chat and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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