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A Mac is not a computer but infinite continues and will never require maintenance. When you use your Mac regularly cleans and optimizes, this will well continue to work. A program to the performance of your system fully is Dr. Cleaner. With this application you can use the disk of your Mac cleaner, memory cleaner and optimize and you can very easily to a full system check to run. You will notice that your computer in this way, continues to perform strongly.

Dr. Cleaner is a free application, which is available only for Mac OS.

When you intensively on your Mac, and duration, may be slower. You can set up your system, therefore, the best now and quite clean and neatly. There are now several applications for a Mac, but Dr. Cleaner is one of the most widely used, and particularly, one of the most comprehensive programs. The application works very nice and looks easy and is a good way to maximize the performance of your Mac to improve.

Dr. Cleaner removes unwanted files and it is very effective. When you run the program for the first time, you will immediately see a window indicating the amount of disk space on your Mac, and how much of it is already in use. You can then with a simple click your hard drive thorough scan and analyzes Dr. Cleaner all the files.

When the scan is complete, a new window, with to see exactly which space can be freed. You can see the files by date, size, name or type. You can then in an easy to read list of the components check that you want to delete, and the program removes everything. That may be the cache on your Mac, to remove unnecessary files, logs, temporary iTunes - and iOS-files and other files. You can even directly in the folder with the downloads and your recycle bin is empty.

The clean up of your drive from the toolbar of your computer. Another nice option is that Dr. Cleaner is that the application with the so-called Memory Optimizer function is the same as unused memory, cleaning it, making it available for other applications and your Mac smoother it will run.

It is handy that you with Dr. Cleaner the real-time consumption of your network and CPU can view in the menu bar. Further, the application of apps and programs to identify, which is quite a lot of your memory. You can set these applications are less used are or you know at least which programs you use a lot of memory. Dr. Cleaner even detects remaining files, if you have the relevant programs or applications has already been removed. So you can finally remove it. The program recognizes further duplicate files and you can then decide what you want to delete.

Dr. Cleaner has the following features:

  • cleans up your Mac computer system clean,
  • free available for Mac OS,
  • ensures that your Mac is fast and runs smoothly,
  • scan your hard drive of unnecessary files, logs, duplicate files and more,
  • removes with a simple click, all the unnecessary files and apps.

Dr. Cleaner screenshots

screenshot-Dr. Cleaner-1
screenshot-Dr. Cleaner-2

You can free download Dr. Cleaner and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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