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You will not be the first that a film from Youtube would like to download or from another site. That can usually, of course not, because sites like Youtube have no function to download a video. A program like Download Shuttle offers a solution. This allows you to quickly and easily downloading video from the internet. This application ensures that you get your downloads in good jobs can lead and that the speed of the download accelerated. The program can so quickly, because any file into smaller components, which in turn simultaneously be downloaded.

Download Shuttle is a free program, which is available only for Mac OS X.

With Download Shuttle, a convenient download manager, downloading movies or software is a lot easier for users of Mac and especially the speed of your download huge up. It is a small and light program that you installed. You have no complicated adjustments or checking, because the program is immediately ready for use.

Like many Mac programs see Download Shuttle there, beautifully designed and uncluttered and is very user-friendly. When you have something in the normal way download, it often happens that the rate goes down or completely broken. That allows you to Download Shuttle avoid.

Download Shuttle works simple. You open the app, then you are in the home screen. Here you can find a download to add. You enter the URL for the download in or drag the URL, simply click the application and fill the folder on your computer where the file to download must be in. You click again on ‘Add’ and the download starts. You can see the speed of download, how much percent is already within, the download speed and the time remaining until your download is complete. You can download pause and later resume.

It is very useful to that you with Download Shuttle download files that require authentication. You can download multiple files simultaneously with the program. Further, it is Download Shuttle integrated with Quicklook, which you can view files without opening it.

Download Shuttle also has handy plugins for Safari and Chrome. This you can download links directly from your browser to the application send, so you can immediately start downloading. That saves you a few actions, such as copying the URL. Downloading with this program is going much faster than when you have that from your browser does. If the connection get worse or disappear, then it goes to the download and continue at the point where it left off and is a file does not completely re-hauled, which is often the case.

Download Shuttle has the following characteristics:

  • free download manager for Mac OS,
  • quick and easy to install,
  • enter your download link in, or drag them on the application,
  • follow all the details of your download,
  • divides files into smaller particles, so the speed goes up,
  • can files with password download,
  • has a handy plugin for Safari and Chrome.

Download Shuttle screenshots

screenshot-Download Shuttle-1
screenshot-Download Shuttle-2

You can free download Download Shuttle and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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