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In all European banknotes are standard in a large number of security features, so that you can recognize whether a banknote is real or false. These characteristics are at a 50 euro note different than a 10 euro note.

To make it even more complicated to have the old and the new series of 5 and 10 euro is also different characteristics. Fortunately, there is now a free mobile app that a note automatically on authenticity can scan.

The Real or Fake app is being released by The Nederlandsche Bank and is tested on all bank seized fake notes. To make a note to check you have it flat on the table. The app takes a photo of the ticket and verifies it on the basis of all of the security features that a banknote should contain.

When the ticket really is found the app shows the message "This ticket is OK.". When not with certainty can be determined whether a banknote is real, it is recommended to manually test the security features by this to feel. A note may, for example, too worn out or too wrinkled to be easy to scan.

The app is so advanced that it automatically recognizes whether a 5 or 10 euro banknote of the old or new series. You need not therefore to recognize and to implement.

At first this app is only suitable for new iPhones and iPads. A version for Android is in January 2016 uigebracht. The app is completely free to use.

Real or False has the following characteristics:

  • free app to banknotes to check,
  • only suitable for euro notes,
  • recognize yourself or a banknote of the old or new series,
  • available for both Android and iOS devices.

Real or Fake video

Real or False screenshots

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screenshot-Echt of Vals-2

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