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Long in bed, but still not fall asleep is for many people a big problem. Slaaploosheid is not fine and it disrupts your rhythm. You are the next day even more tired. With the free app Sleepfulness, you can what to your slaaploosheid do, because a good night's sleep is important. This app helps you with different mindfulness techniques, and calming music to the night to begin. You are there and relaxed, so you can relax and sleep.

Sleepfulness is available for iOS and Android.

There are more apps that can help with sleep, but the difference with Sleepfulness is that this app not only helps you to be very nice to fall asleep, but the quality of your sleep is improved. You are the next morning, a piece of enjoy waking up.

The idea of a good night's sleep begins for the creators of this app, incidentally, all during the day. By daytime already to make use of the various mindfulness exercises, you'll be in the evening in falling asleep faster. It is therefore important that you also during the day to relax you. The calming exercises cost you not a lot of time, usually a minute or six, and it is a matter of habituation. When you try this for a while, you will see that you sleep much benefit. You will find that you quickly fall asleep and also very relaxed to sleep.

The music in Sleepfulness is divided into four sessions: Waking Up, Daytime, Going to Sleep and Can't Sleep. In that way you will for every moment of the day, the right music to relax. The app has a default of ten numbers which you can choose from. You can add more, new songs to buy. When you open the app, you can at the bottom of a choice of the numbers. The music during the day you choose, you will hear a soothing voice, the instructions for the mindfulness exercises. When you in the evening still not asleep, than you can the Can't Drag and drop option to use. Then you hear relaxed music, and explain how you extra on your breathing should pay attention to, so that you feel more relaxed, mentally.

Sleepfulness looks just as quiet and simple as the purpose of the app. The program is very inviting design, with serene colors and is very user-friendly. There is even a small quiz, in which you can find out why you are so bad sleep. You must first create an account and login. With Sleepfulness, you can just tear yourself away from your busy schedule and take a moment for yourself. You will see that you really helps, because the app is specially designed to give you a better sleep, making you feel better is going to feel.

Sleepfulness has the following characteristics:

  • app that helps you to sleep better,
  • available for free for iOS and Android,
  • music for four half-days, so you any time to relax,
  • has different mindfulness exercises during the day,
  • features a quiz that you are the cause of your bad night's sleep can find out,
  • ten standard songs.

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You can free download Sleepfulness and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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