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Fotoflexer is a small online photo editing based on Adobe Flash works. The demo mode is available with one mouse click - who own pictures want to edit, you must first register for free. The image has no layers and no real paint, as seen in the right image editing knows. The compact web application is more for the effect loaded image processing for in-between thought.

Fotoflexer handles uploaded images, but can be so on account on FlickR, Picasa or Facebook as well as MySpace and Yahoo access. You can therefore get a image URL, Which then will be read.

In addition to basic functions for cropping or resizing, options to rotate, flip and Delete installed. Advanced features: such as the Subsequent coloring with sepia and bronze hues, the conversion in b / w or various brush strokes between Pop Art and line art offers the Fotoflexer so.

Fotoflexer in addition there are several Verzerrfilter, Whose result, in advance the cursor to consider, if the Appropriate screen elements are touched. Similar to Photo Booth in Mac OS can here, For Example, faces to faces, twisted and pulled.

Fotoflexer more Serious editing features: such as a change of the image sharpness, auto-correction of colors and contrasts as well as a red-eye filter and Verwischfilter for portrait cosmetics complement the range of functions. Also available Exposure Bracketing or corrections for the white balance, the color saturation and temperature have not been forgotten and can use simple sliders to manipulate. Even a free setting tool and a selective color correction were integrated.

The Interface Operates at a speed of a normal application). Each processing step can use the Undo function to undo. Naturally, the images can be stored again. So the e-mail and export to Photo Sharing sites in the network havebeen integrated. A similar Functionality Provides the online photo editor Picnik, Which are therefore based on Flash, but more on photographic filters and less distortion on opportunities.

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You can free download FotoFlexer 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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