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If you want to keep abreast of the latest news there are several ways for. You visit websites or use apps of various media and there are multiple RSS readers, that all of the important news for you collect. Google News is another excellent option. Google News collects the best posts from the internet and replaces the widely-known Google Kiosk. Via an artificial intelligence wants to Google News the best news of all present, and the platform brings the news from multiple sources and makes for the best story.

Google News is free to use and has apps for iOS and Android. Furthermore, Google News completely online in your browser.

Although you probably have your preferences for news, continues to be sometimes a hassle to get everything yourself. With Google News is that no longer a problem. You will get different types of news, opinions and more dished. To log in with your Google account and basically works the service right away.

The news is already sorted in certain categories. So, there is a category with it's new only to you is dedicated, but beyond the news, to distribute news from around the world, only from the Netherlands, or locally in your area. The news that is specially for you is found and saved to your interests aligned. You can see the most recent news in the past and you will get top still the five most popular articles to see. Below you will find some more news, that still focuses on your interests. These interests are easy to fit and you have to do that under the tab 'Favourites', then Google News is the offer there on time.

Of all the articles, the headlines and the main news is displayed and when you click the headline of the article then it is open on the website of the source. Articles are to add to your favorites, so as to read again later. Google News uses artificial intelligence to give you the 'whole story'. That means that there are multiple sources with each other to be sought, so that the story from multiple viewpoints exposed. It is even possible to have your own name or the name of your company to add, so Google News, the internet afstruint to news about you or your organization. Besides the news is the weather of the moment shown.

In addition to all of this supports Google News video content, including Youtube. In this way, the viewing of a relevant video a lot easier. Google News saves your searches and it is possible to have in the kiosk, the so-called 'Newsstand' right to subscribe to a newspaper or magazine or other news sources to follow. Google News is a convenient service with a personal approach.

Google News has the following characteristics:

  • gathers news that is focused on your interests,
  • available for free online and for iOS and Android,
  • working completely online in your browser,
  • to log in with your Google account,
  • works on the basis of artificial intelligence,
  • enter your interests,
  • collects news from multiple sources and with multiple views,
  • add to your favorites,
  • supports video content.

Google News screenshots

screenshot-Google Nieuws-1
screenshot-Google Nieuws-2

You can free download Google Nieuws and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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