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HNSKY shows the sun and all the planets in the solar system, including the moons of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, and Neptune, and a few Hundred asteroids and comets. In total, the application for 26,000 so-called "deepsky" objects of the order of magnitude of 12 and 16 available. All data were the GSC, GSC-ACT and USNO-UCAC2 catalogues taken.HNSKY uses of those databases, even in the "real" research. These include the SAO, PPM and Tycho-2 database, which is a Wealth of information about stars. There is also a selection of images of stellar objects. That not all of the science available images are integrated, is owed to the fact that such an undertaking the size of the package into the Immeasurable would drive.

There are different installation packages of HNSKY. They differ in the amount of the provided celestial bodies.So that correct results can be displayed, if after the first Start of the application of the own coordinates on the earth, as well as the time zone can be entered. This can be in the tab "Location" in the menu item "Files/Settings" to do this.HNSKY will with 20 languages delivered, including German. The default setting is English. This can also be in the Settings menu.

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