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A screenshot is a saved image of what is on your monitor screen is displayed. Literally translated to English is a screenshot of a screen capture.

By default, there in, for example, Windows has a screenshot tool integrated called "snipping tool", but there are also free alternatives with more features. One of these is the open source program HotShots.

Hotshots is a free program to capture screenshots and then edit. The software is suitable for Windows and Linux operating systems. In theory you should also have to work on Mac OS, but this is by the developer has not been extensively tested.

You can decide whether or not the captured screenshot directly on the disk should be stored, or it has been copied once to the clipboard, or directly in the afbeeldingbewerkingstool opened. This editor offers many features, and is comparable with for example Paint. So you can add text and images over the screenshot post or the formats to customize. It is even possible to automatically effects such as shadows and edges on every screenshot to add or image automatically to a preset size to scale.

The result can be exported to different file formats, including BMP, JPG, and PNG. But it is also possible to use this to print directly or to an online storage service to send.

HotShots has the following characteristics:

  • open source screenshot program,
  • integrated image editor,
  • efffecten such as the magnifier, fade or marking in the screenshot,
  • automatically o.a. a border or shadow on the screenshots to add,
  • figures, images, texts, etc. to screenshot add,
  • created exporting screenshots as BMP, JPG, PNG,
  • images directly to the printer or to an online service, send,
  • optionally, it can automatically boot the operating system,
  • ability to resize the screenshots automatically to fit,
  • suitable for Linux and Windows.

HotShots screenshots


You can free download HotShots and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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