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Online TV on-demand will, according to many, the regular television look to replace. In this way, you can request to watch TV when it suits you. In addition to the opportunities that large telecom and cable companies currently offer for on-demand television, there is also software that you can use on your own PC to TV can look.

UPDATE: as of 19 december 2008 Joost stopped with the support of the desktop application. Now it is Joost only as a web-based video service to use.

Joost is a freeware that you can free download. Joost was developed by the creators of Skype and Kazaa , and makes it possible to watch TV on your PC based on P2P technology. Because watching television a lot of bandwidth and server capacity need is Joost made so that all users are a part of their bandwidth to communicate with each other. So the images quickly and in a good quality can be passed.

With Joost, you can go to channels to watch, but also directly skip to your favorite clip or series. In addition, it provides networking opportunities with other users via chat, and you need to appreciate on the basis of a number.

The software of Joost is still in development and there will in the future, so more and more functions. Joost is a time only with an invite or available by invitation, but Joost is now for everyone, so even without an invite / invitation, free to download.

Joost TV has the following features:

  • online on-demand TV watching,
  • chat with other users,
  • programs appreciate with a figure,
  • skip to a next clip or program,
  • TV programs at any time pause and start again.

Joost TV screenshots

screenshot-Joost tv-1
screenshot-Joost tv-2

You can free download Joost tv 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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