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Google Creative Lab, an incubator where people are constantly experimenting, and new things to be imagined. One of the most recent inventions is Just a Line. This app works on the basis of augmented reality, which means that there is an extra layer of reality is added. The Pokémon GO game is a good example of this. You make use of your surroundings and the app adds a dimension to it. With Just a Line draw white lines in the air. You have the choice of several brushes and pencils and you draw on the screen of your smartphone and will appear virtually in your environment.

Just a Line is free to use and only available for Android.

Just a Line is based on Tilt Brush, an earlier app from Google, with which it was possible to get with virtual reality in the air to paint. This app goes a step further. Just a Line works only with devices that have ARCore, an element that developers of augmented reality use for their applications. Especially new phones have been about.

Just a Line is a fun app, which is not a lot more to the body than the drawing of white lines and figures that float in the air. But the bigger your imagination, the more fun you this for yourself and if you something to be proud of it then it is Just a Line a good pastime.

The app works very easily and offers access to the camera of your phone. You point the camera for you, giving you the area on the screen of your device will see. You can then select one of the brushes, and draw with your fingers on the screen, lines, circles or a host of other figures. You can see these 3D lines, drawings, and figures, then in the world for you to appear. The result is similar to filters and effects that are often used in Instagram Stories or Snapchat. So you make funny creations, which is even easy to use as a background for a photo or video. If you have your camera back and forth then change the lines and if you return you will see them again. You can walk so to your drawings.

If you are ready then you can share your creation easily with others by a video. You click on the record button, then a video is made. That you can share easily with your friends or you can save the video on your phone. Just a Line is a fascinating app, that you lay down the necessary hours of fun delivers.

Just a Line has the following characteristics:

  • available for free for Android,
  • let you white lines and figures in the air signs,
  • works on the basis of augmented reality,
  • choose a brush and start drawing on the screen of your smartphone,
  • make a short video of it and share it with friends.

Just a Line screenshots

screenshot-Just a Line-1
screenshot-Just a Line-2

You can free download Just a Line and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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