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You want photos and text messages to share with others but you want to be sure that they are not on the street end up?

There are several mobile apps that aim to protect your privacy. Of all these apps is Snapchat currently the most popular.

Snapchat is a popular chat app that allows photos and messages to share within a private environment. The photos you create and share with Snapchat are only a limited number of seconds to the receiver.

In the first instance, could Snapchat be used only for a short time, pictures to someone. The photo must be from Snapchat itself, so you can't use an existing photo, choose from your album. Then you set the number of seconds that the receiver of the photo get to see and you can draw or add text. The recipient can view the photos in the message with the finger, press and hold. Then the image for the screen. When the receiver is still false and wants to play with and a screenshot of the picture then the shipper thereof as soon as a notification.

In may 2014, has Snapchat also added a feature that enables users to send text messages to share and make video calls. It works differently than for example WhatsApp because all of the messages will be deleted automatically at the moment the app is shut down. This is not like the pictures already after a few seconds, but happens only when the app is shut down. When you receive a message really want to keep then it is always possible to make a screenshot or the text to select and copy.

Snapchat has the following characteristics:

  • free app to privately chat with other users,
  • messages and photos are automatically deleted,
  • when you both are online, a notification message will appear and you can use live video calling,
  • text messages parts which are not to be stored,
  • available for Android and iOS.

Snapchat screenshots


You can free download Snapchat and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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